HT-DUAL original not working with South Korean power

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    Hey guys,

    I have an original HT-DUAL Pure Valve Distortion Pedal that runs off a 16V AC Adapter.I live in South Korea. I recently made a trip home to America and picked it up along with a bunch of other pedals I haven’t used in over 6 years. Every other pedal I have boots up fine. I’m running those through a SWIFF P600 power brick that I bought here.I decided to try and run the DUAL into the wall with a simple plug adapter since I couldn’t find a brick that would support 16V. It powered on for about 3 minutes (didn’t get a chance to actually use it) and then the lights went out. I can’t tell if this is the pedal’s issue or the powr. If it’s the power, what should I do to remedy the situation? Repairing the pedal is probably out of the question because it will cost me more to ship than to replace.

    Please help

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