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June 13, 2018

NOTE: This job listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

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Job Description
Sales Opportunity- As an Independent Sales Representative (ISR), you will be representing Chrysler, Ford, and Harley Davidson on U.S. Military Bases in the Far East. Opportunities are available in Korea, Japan, Okinawa, and Guam. If you qualify the job requirements- character traits are:

    • Energetic personality
    • Ability to work independently
    • A desire to actively prospect outside away from place of business
    • Good closing ability
    • Working knowledge of computers
    • Ability to work long hours including weekends and holidays
    • Be both competitive and a team player
    • Superior follow up skills
  • Adaptable to living in a foreign country

The sales activities differ from a stateside car dealership where you might find yourself performing a narrowly defined task. Stateside dealerships often have separate staff to meet and greet, present, close and make the delivery and have a separate F&I department. As an Independent Sales Representative overseas, you get to perform all these tasks, get compensated for them and develop the business skills that go along with them. Business Model- Our business model has been refined over 50 years and has a proven track record of success. Emphasis is placed on active prospecting and promotions to generate leads. The majority of customers are sold special ordered vehicles at pre-negotiated low prices several months to a year before delivery. They are sold one by one.   Daily Activities – Some of the daily task accomplished by our Sales Representatives are outlined below but not limited to: Active prospecting for new prospects – Military personnel rotate to and from the U.S. between every 1 to 3 years on average. This means we have an ongoing new supply of prospective new customers. The ISR’s job is to come into contact with as many of these people as possible, establish a relationship and create interest in our program. As you gain experience you will be more involved in developing and implementing marketing promotions to assist your prospecting efforts. Maintain our prospect management system, Sales Track – After meeting new prospects we have a proprietary program which allows you to track, follow up with and keep prospects informed of our program information. This is a highly effective system that ensures maximum closing ratios and income. Present our program and products – After meeting qualified prospects your goal is to set appointments to present our program and products in a way that addresses their specific needs. Much of our training is focused on professional and effective ways to do this while thinking of the prospect’s needs first, last and always. The mark of a professional sales person. Follow Up – This is a tail lights business and we get paid when the rubber meets the road. Therefore you will need to follow up on your sales to ensure that all requirements are satisfied to make a smooth delivery. We have dedicated support teams both in country and in our New York offices to assist you with this process

Professional Development- We have a world class sales training program and a leadership development program. Tremendous Growth Opportunity. These training programs include our on-site launch with the local sales manager, Basic Training Course, Intermediate Training Course, Advanced Training Course and Leadership Development Course’s for those who desire to advance into management positions or just further their business education   Visa Requirements- You will fall under the Status of Forces Agreement between the United States and the host country with the exception of Guam which is a U.S. territory. No work visa is required.   Insurance- Health Insurance is available through the contracting sales company at a minimal cost.   Training Allowance- commensurate with ability and current situation this will be discussed at the time of interview   Income- As an Independent Contractor, compensation is commission only with an unlimited income potential. Our top ISR’s have incomes in excess of $100,000.   Housing- You will be responsible for housing expenses. If you have specific questions about the area you are applying for please ask during the interview process.


How to Apply

Contact: Jeff Klose,  Must be U.S. Citizen

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