May 12, 2014

NOTE: This job listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Job Description

We kindly request that ONLY serious applicants apply, so please read the details of the job carefully.

The Global Leadership Academy was established 12 years ago and caters to Korea’s blue-chip companies such as Samsung, KEPCO, KB bank and SK. Employees from these companies attend intensive full time residential courses which range between 5 and 16 weeks. Our academy offers courses in an extensive number of world languages and is one of the pioneers of teaching skills and subjects in English as opposed to just basic language instruction. We are looking for new instructors who can enhance our program and we highly value previous teaching experience.

More than two years teaching experience in Korea.
All the documents necessary to qualify for an E2 Visa.

You will be expected to plan your own courses. This includes developing a syllabus, choosing a textbook, creating lesson plans and evaluating the students.

You are also expected to attend regular weekly meetings, and sometimes perform some extra duties related to the GLA program.

The GLA at Hankuk Univeristy of Foreign Studies has been busier than ever. We have introduced Saturday courses in addition to our regular 8:30 – 5:30 intensive English program. These classes are held at both the HUFS Seoul Camps and our main branch in Yongin.

The teaching schedule at GLA changes often, so applicants are requested to be flexible and able to adapt on short notice.

2,370,000 Korean Won per month (anything exceeding 80 hours per month is considered overtime).
Extra 300,000 Korean Won per month for Master’s degree (in Tesol or related field) holder.

Two months paid vacation (one month during the winter season and one month during the summer season) plus one week paid Christmas vacation.
Furnished dormitory room.
Free lunch provided on days when instructors are teaching classes.
50% health insurance coverage.
Severance pay equal to one month salary.
Overtime pay of 35,000 Won per hour.

Contract Period:
One year from July 1st, 2014 to June 30th, 2015.

How to Apply

Required Documents: 
Resume and cover letter. 
Copy of your alien registration card OR passport information page. 
Two references from current or previous places of employment. 
A basic lesson plan aimed for an intermediate or upper-intermediate class (this is just to give us an idea of your teaching style and material, so you can submit a lesson plan on anything you like).

Please note: If you are offered the position you will also be required to submit all the documents necessary for your E2 Visa immediately.

Application Deadline: 
All applications MUST be submitted by May 19, 2014. Applications will ONLY be accepted by e-mail. Please send your application package to the e-mail address listed below.

Contact Information: gla.hufs@gmail.com

Interview Date: Saturday May 31st, 2014

We will contact only the selected applicants to arrange a job interview.

Current Teacher’s Testimony: 
We want to be as honest as possible about the job, so the following is a testimony from one of the teachers who is currently working and living at our school.

Working Conditions: 
This job requires flexibility and creativity, and a strong sense of personal responsibility. You do not work with a co-teacher, and you are in charge of all aspects of your class, including creating the syllabus, choosing course material, and evaluating the students. In this respect, the work can be challenging, but also very rewarding, because you have more responsibility, and are able to take ownership of your classes. As long as you take the job seriously and have pride in your work, the classroom experience is one of the best in Korea, because you are not babysitting or wasting time disciplining the students. Our students are professionals who always do their homework, and for the most part, they are highly motivated and eager to learn. Lastly, their English ability is quite high, so you can actually have conversations with them and get to know them on a personal level.

Living Conditions: 
Living in Yongin is quiet and relaxed, and the campus is located in between two small mountains and is very scenic. It is a great place to live if you enjoy hiking and being in nature. Most teachers live in the dormitory, which is a two minute walk from the classrooms. Each teacher has their own private room, which is furnished with a bed, desk, TV, chairs, and bookcases. The kitchen is shared between the teachers (we keep it very clean). There are two laundry machines and one drier for the entire dormitory, but most of the students do not do their laundry at school, so it is usually no problem using the machines. There is also a gym in the basement of the dormitory, along with ping-pong tables and an indoor golf range. Playing ping-pong with the students is one of the most effective ways to get to know them. The equipment in the gym is a bit old, but it offers everything a person needs for keeping in shape.

Shopping could be a little more convenient. There are two local supermarkets located in Mohyeon, which is the small town where the school is located. These stores are located down the road from the dormitory (about a 15 minute walk), where you can buy everything you need; however, the selection is a little bit limited. For teachers who want more variety, it is possible to take the bus to the Jukjeon or Gwangju e-mart, which is about 30 minutes away, and every once and a while we go to Costco together and buy in bulk. The local E-mart Everyday also offers delivery service, which is convenient in the winter or summer months when the weather is less than ideal.

The campus is a relatively isolated, but is well connected with Seoul and the surrounding area thanks to the network of buses that come right into the school, and the nearest bus stop is just a three minute walk from the dormitory. These buses go to Sohyeon (45 minutes), Gangnam (one hour), Sadang (70 minutes), City Hall (90 minutes), and Jamsil (90 minutes.) There is also a free school shuttle bus that will take you to the main intersection in Mohyeon where there are many city buses that go to parts of Bundang (Jukjeon, Migum etc), the Yongin Express Bus Terminal, and Gwangju.

General Overview: 
I wanted to get in job in Seoul (like almost everyone does), and so I had my reservations about accepting this job. However, unless you are the type who absolutely has to live in the big city, living in Mohyeon is not as bad as it seems. There are several restaurants located in town that offer a variety of Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese food. Because of the bus system, getting to Seoul is fairly simple, albeit a little time-consuming. Also, while I did not like the sound of living in a dormitory initially, once you settle in, you realize that it is actually a lot more convenient because of its proximity to classes. On top of that, you are able to save a significant portion of your salary. If asked to re-sign for a second year, you have the option of moving into an apartment near campus instead (the school pays a 250,000 won housing allowance), but many teachers opt to remain in the dormitory. Lastly, while it may seem like a stressful job, it is also very rewarding for those who have a serious attitude toward work. The teachers get along well with each other, and the office has a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. As long as you are well-organized and responsible, even a full schedule is not that bad, especially when you consider the overtime pay you will be getting.


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